Artikulo Nr. XIN-P422.385


When you need an outdoor-inspired cooler bag that can keep more than you think, then this is the cooler bag for you. Pack lunch for two and take it on a hike, a picnic in the park or to work. It’s easy-to-carry and comes with an adjustable should strap. The easy access opening ensures you can grab your lunch at a glance. The cooler bag can fit up to 12 cans. With AWARE™ tracer that validates the genuine use of recycled materials. Each bag saves 4.6 litres of water and has reused 7.8 0.5L PET bottles. 2% of proceeds of each Impact product sold will be donated to Water.org.

Išmatavimai: 26 x 18 x 20cm
Spalvos: Žalia, Mėlyna, Pilka, Juoda
Raktiniai žodžiai: Alaus pramonei, Mėsos pramonė, Pieno pramonė
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